My Own experience of Mother

My journey with Mother literally started at birth. There is a Hindu belief that if your child is unwell or weak or dying ; that the child get surrendered to a deity so that there is Divine empowerment which ever way karma states life has to turn .

Such is what happened to me . my father surrendered me to Mother and gave the choice of life and death to Mother. She saw it fit to allow me life.

I would like to think my life has been very magical because of this bond i have with Her.

Perhaps its this bond with Her that always allowed me to be way more sensitive to things Spiritual . Having said that ; my bond with Her only reached clarity in the toughest times of my life.

Kali Devi is very easily emotionally and spiritually accessible to everyone especially if you are in deep struggle. Though She has a very fierce appearance . She reaches with a fierce protectiveness to remove all obstacles to get you to what you need and where you need to be.

She is said to be a very possessive deity and is oddly misunderstood in this aspect. She is the Mother of destruction hence She is who removes all the illusionary obstacles to you being connected to the Divine .

Possessive because she does't allow any untruth or deception around you . It can get painful when its people that you are bonded too and they become the challenges to your spiritual quest. the Mother that loves you so much that she will rip your illusions earlier to spare you the chaos after.

She is every in your life. walks and guides and when I have had the toughest challenges, I have always felt Her alongside. All the lessons we experience good or bad , its karma . These are vasanas that we have to pay back . She walks alongside you as you repay these lessons so that you bring to yourself the clarity that you are not the body and the Divine is waiting for you to come back and reunite and merge with Her. so when you feel you are walking on fire . She is walking with you , holding your hand , standing with you in the flames to protect you . Waiting to guide you back Home with Her .

Kali Devi has become very trendy but most people float on the surface drawn to Her rebel image but not to Her challenges to reach with you and be in ruthless compassion with yourself. To yank yourself out the illusions you cling to .

This is why i started this page. For my spiritual family . so we can bond and start learning from each other. Facing our darknesses holding Her hand . Sharing and supporting and giving strength .

Kali is crystal clarity. She is shown to be the colour black because She is so bright that she is blinding.

She has many sisters who are secondary aspects of Her that support us in many challenges and lessons . Some of these aspects are known . Some are pre vedic and are very traditionally handed down . These are the deities that have been supportive of me and are my Mothers.

Please write to me through this website and ask questions and if you want to write . Tell me and we can work on something.

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